Art Services & Creative Spaces in Bloomington, Indiana

Cyclops Studios offers creative art services & commercial spaces dedicated to enrichment, education & support of local artisans in Bloomington, Indiana.

Every serious artist needs an art studio equipped with the necessities to allow him to work smoothly and effectively on their craft. An art studio allows the artist a place to work, and store and organize the equipment and supplies necessary to increase productivity and inspire creativity. Other creatives look for resources, tools, equipment, promotional and sales opportunities. We are proud to offer these services, and more for both artists and art-lovers alike.

In addition, Cyclops Studios is a multi-service art business with proficiency in project design, modeling, constructing, metalworking welding, fabrication and much more.  Some professional foundry services that can be provided are mold making, wax working, complex welding, ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication, jewelry making. Plus, simple woodworking, basic stonework, and art/sculpture project management are also among our list of services. We understand the business of gravity cast silica bronze, aluminum and centrifuge cast silver and gold. In addition, urethane, silicone, plaster and Forton MG castings are all familiar to Cyclops Studios in the mold making process. We have years of experience with the modeling process, designing unique artwork, armature building, 3-D computer design, clay work , sulfur-free Plasticine, plaster and carvings. Other non-sculptural services offered are portrait, caricature, and still-life drawings, graphic design and printmaking.

Cyclops Studios takes commissions for all types of projects and has an ever-continuing objective for high quality work. Contact us today for a free quote!